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Notes of worth

Elven Chainmail

Thil'Calestiath was given this by his temple when he retrieved a major artifact from a powerful foe, a foe who still hunts him down to this day!


This simple staff was crafted especially for Thil'Calestiath. It contains within its length a spear head, which shoots forth when a secret catch is pressed, turning the staff into a spear - a far more potent weapon.

Turn Undead

Due to his unquestioning faith and involvement in the prophecy Thil'Calestiath can channel the raw power of the Triune goddes through his form and drive them from him, or even destroy them. This is his starting feat and was traded for some of the starting special abilities of Circle Singers.

Massage Oils

Thil'Calestiath has discovered during his travels that some ailments and worries can be cured by the simple application af a gentle massage. He has become quite skilled at this and can generaly relax a person and make them forget their troubles, if only for a short while. Many a time has he been able to relax the sore muscles of his friend Frilianiae after a hard nights "work".

Gnomish Cloak

This cloak was made to order for Thil'Calestiath and has several unique features. Firstly the bottom is weighted slightly, so as to prevent updrafts from lifting the cloak when this is undesirable. Secondly the front of the cloak fastens shut, though the clasps release quickly should the need arise. These first two have helped keep Thil'Calestiath's identity a secret on his travels thus far. The final thing of note is the large array of feathers decorating its surface. Most were gifts to Thil'Calestiath from friends and those avains he has helped in his travels. The two feathers that rest over his heart are from his parents, so they will be with him always.

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