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Thil'Calestiath's Aerie

Hail! and Well met! Traveller, welcome to the Aerie - a page devoted to myself, Thil'Calestiath, and the group I adventure with on thursday nights at Wizards Live!. The great lady Angharradh may be contacted here with any queries you may have on our adventures, or even joining us. Comments on your visit to my Aerie can be left in the guestbook or here for my attention. Feel free to wander these halls as ye see fit, and if you have any questions about the glory of Angharradh, please feel free to ask.

Angharradh in her aspect of the Winged Mother

Thil'Calestiath's Character Sheet - Updated 06/17/00

Information on the Elves - Updated 06/13/00

Images related to the Game - Updated 06/13/00

Links to other sites - Updated 06/13/00